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Micropigmentation is not recommended for 

  • Anyone under the age of 18

  • Anyone with a history of keloids

  • If you have diabetes, it can be preformed with written doctors consent 

  • Anyone who is an easy bleeder

  • Abnormal heart conditions, it can be preformed with doctors written consent

  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding

  • Excessively oily skin

  • If you have any allergies to lidocaine or alcohol, microblading can be preformed but without numbing so may be more painful.

  • If you are using any retinol, glycolic acid or other exfoliating skin care stop using 3 weeks prior.

  • Accutane must be stopped for at least one year prior. 

  • Anyone with facial botox done within 1 month. 

  • Any skin irritations near procedure area such as sunburn, rash, acne etc. 


what exactly is microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent procedure done to naturally define and shape the brows by using a manual one time use blade to create a hair- like stroke effect. Pigment is placed into the skin into the upper-dermis shallow enough that it will not be permanent, unlike a regular tattoo procedure. This can last anywhere from 9 months to 2 years depending on clients skin type and skincare routine. not suitable for oily skin. 

how long does Micropigmentation last?

Semi permanent brow pigment fades over the course of 1-2 years. Annual color boost appointments are required to maintain structure and color. Lip blushing pigments can stay within the skin for 2-3 years. color boost touch ups will be required as lips fade over time. all micropigmentation pigments should be 50% lighter by annual appointments. 

can I get microblading if I have already gone to someone else? 

If you have had any previous micro-pigmentation procedures or tattooing, it is best to reach out & send a photo of your brows without makeup. Depending on saturation of your brows now, I may be able to enhance your brows or it may be in your best interest to remove the old tattoo before another procedure.

can I have lip filler with lip blush? 

yes! lip filler needs to be completely healed and not injected within 1 month prior. If you are thinking of getting fillers, you must wait until after you are healed from your 4-8 week follow up. Lip blushing can create the illusion of fuller lips without filler.

what is lip blush?

Lip blushing is the newest semi-permanent trend that will help enhance your natural lip shape. Pigment is deposited into the lip skin gently to boost color and symmetry for natural results once healed. Color is chosen based on your desired results and skin tones. 

what is ombre brows? 

ombre brows are achieved with a single, one time use needle to create a shadowing effect of pigment within the brow shape. This gives off the illusion that the brows are filled in with makeup or a 'powder like' effect. Ombre is the most suitable style for mature skin. typically lasts 1-2 years with yearly maintenance touch up appointments. 

how long is the healing process? 

The full healing process is 10-14 days. In the first two weeks after the procedure, it is essential to keep the area clean. Avoiding excess water around the area is essential, meaning no swimming, saunas, vigorous workouts, etc. gentle washing of surrounding skin is okay! The pigment color will be slightly more saturated  the first few days after procedure. The full process is not over until after the 4-8 week follow up. All Micropigmentation services require a follow up appointment.

do I need a touch up? 

Yes! micropigmentation is never fully 'done' until after healing from the completed 2nd procedure. this perfecting appointment is to ensure your skin has evenly saturated pigment throughout the brows / lips. This appointment is required within 4-8 weeks after your first initial session.

what is combo brows?

Combo brows is the perfect combination of natural micro bladed hair strokes paired with defined shading. The front of the brows will be soft and natural with hair-like strokes fading into a defined tail created my shading only. This creates an illusion of a gradual increase in density towards the tail end of your brows. 

does the Micropigmentation procedure hurt?

While pain tolerance is subjective, micropigmentation is not painful. Topical numbing anesthetic will be used prior to the procedure to ensure comfort. 

how do I prepare for my appointment? 

Once you book your Micropigmentation appointment date, you will receive a text or email with your before care instructions to follow along with an invoice for your 100$ deposit that will be required to be payed within 7 days to hold your appointment. this deposit goes towards the full procedure costs on the day of. 

how often do I need to come in for waxing?

a good consistent routine of every 4-6 weeks is a great base start. You will not tweeze during the growing phases this way the brow hairs can be on the same hair cycle so I can give you the best results consistently. 


Prior to booking your microblading appointment, please read through FAQ section to determine if micropigmentation is a good procedure for you. If the appointment day comes and we find that you are not able to be a candidate for micropigmentation, your deposit fee will be non-refundable and any future appointments will require an additional deposit.

Deposit fee

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any micropigmentation service that is being booked must be booked with a 100$ deposit that will go towards the full service cost when the procedure is completed. 


Any service that needs to be cancelled or rescheduled will need a 48 hour notice prior to appointment time. If this time frame is not given, or there is a no call and no show, the deposit fee is non refundable and a new deposit fee will be needed to schedule a future appointment. This also applies for touch up appointments. 

Late/ No show

Clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to their microblading appointment time to give enough time to fill out paperwork. Anyone that arrives late, at most 10 minutes after scheduled appointment will be cancelled and an additional deposit will have to be made for a future appointment. I ask that you arrive alone to your scheduled appointment. I do not allow any children, family, pets, or significant others into the appointment room. Micropigmentation is a lengthy 3 hour process, please plan for this prior to appointment. 

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